Mini Reef 28

103.50 SAR

Through jasmine fields and fruit farms, you will see the world shriek in a simulated rebirth to unleash what is inside you and experience the rebellion of the senses between the mulberry tree and the orange to enter Alice's journey in Wonderland with all your senses.

Sparkle in your journey with Reef 28 perfume.

Opening notes: Berry

Heart notes: orange flower

Base notes: patchouli base

Fragrance type: French

Fragrance classification: two parties

Places of use: outdoor

Size: 15 ml

  • 103.50 SAR
خولة عبد المحسن 5 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
رائع والعطر ثابت
خالد القحطاني 6 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
سمية المالكي 2 years ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
جدا رائع ينفع للاطفال وتدوم .

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